Renewal Rituals for Unsettling Witchcrafts

Prophecy has foretold that the Tyme-ether which unsettles our long-misused occultish crafts shall now seep into us again. As magickal communities wounded by a racialised anthropocentric planetary order, we must prepare for this Unsettling. Witchcrafts are skills that enable us to experience, play with, undo and create magickal unfolding relations of wonder and care with our materialspiritual worlds. However when used irresponsibly, arrogantly or carelessly, these skills also spawn loops of unaddressed misery that can linger for millenia. Our long Settler experiences of assumed transactional relations with the landseas, and with our mothers AND with the landsea-mothers in ourselves are all hauntings of this oppressive Settler magick. So, guided by the local and not-so-local water spirits and Norse Runic magick, we intend to begin the also-long and necessary process of unsettling our mother-landsea relations in order to lay the foundations for practising responseable witchcrafts herenow. In conversation with Bidston Hill and the Wirral landsea, establish renewal rituals for unsettling our mother relations, our landsea relations…

Feel called to be part of this Long Unsettling? Join us. 

Heck yeah!…Tell me more?

Hang on…How do I know if this Long Unsettling is for me?

!!WARNING!!: This is NOT an art gimmick or an exotic performance!

 It is a playful middle in the building and sustaining of magickal rituals that we shall pass on to the next generations to assist in the long-term unsettling of our Settler communities. 

It is carefull work we shall undertake to bring together and nurture Unsettler communities so that the Tyme-ether of the Long Unsettling may seep into us deep. This is workplay beyond this Summer, across this lifetime, and then some more as we scatter…

But the sheer scale does not mean it is abstract.

In a spacetime of great planetary change, it calls us now, here.

Where?: At BOARC

Bidston Observatory, Wilding Way, CH43 7RA Prenton (UK)

When?: 3-6 PM. 2022, Jun: 29th, 

Jul: 6th, 22nd, 29th,

Aug: 6th, 12th, 19th, 26th.

We invite you to join us for one, multiple, or all of these days.

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Costs?: Per donations

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